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Number of rescue operations in the current and previous years
All operations
Urgent operations
Other operations
All fires
Building fires/risks of building fires
Building fires
Risks of building fires
Vehicle fires
Other fires
Other accidents
Traffic accidents
Oil spills
Accidents caused by hazardous substances
Explotions/risks of explotion
Collapses/risks of collapse
Checking and verification operations
Inspections of/securings a fire alarm system
Inspections of/securings a fire alarm
Additional checking and verification operations
Other operations
First response operations
Human rescue operations
Animal rescue operations
Loss prevention operations
Assistance operations
Executive assistance operations
Executive assistance operations
Response times this year and last year
Fire brigade¿s response time according to the first rescue unit
Fire brigade¿s response time according to the unit strength of 1+3 (one foreman (leader, commander) and three firemen)
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Source: Statistics system of Finnish rescue services (PRONTO).